Weekly Roundup Report 6/8


Monday, June 4

  • Dumped trash
  • Cleaned out storage unit
  • Fixed goat pen trampoline
  • Cut branches in goat pen

Tuesday, June 5

  • Weed by north point
  • Apply stickers to trail signs
  • Sand spread for 5 minutes
  • Prepare equipment 
  • Filled horse feed with grain

Wednesday, June 6

  • Team Yuccas - Ox Bow and Tomahawk
  • Team Raptors - North Trails and removed trail closed signs 

Thursday, June 7

  • Logan & Gavin - place signs and the rest clean hay barn
  • Moved items in area across from Breezeway
  • Both teams continue trails

Friday, June 8

  • Sweep hay barn and haul hay
  • Finish posting trail signs
  • Clip/groom Old Gate trail
  • Paint sealant on office steps/ramp


LEADERSHIP ROLES.  Several of the RHLA participants were given specific leadership roles they will keep throughout the summer.  The remaining participants will receive their leadership assignments next week. Here are the roles assigned so far...

  • Logan - Director of Signs & Paint
  • Gavin - Director of Trail Grooming
  • Zane - Team Therapist & Note Taker (based on his profile!)
  • Todd - Equipment Manager
  • Nate - Director of Ranch Clean Up
  • Sam - Special Projects

TIME WITH AMY MATZEN, KEY STAKEHOLDER.  Logan, Director of Signs & Trails and Gavin, Director of Trail Grooming rode the trails with a key stakeholder, Amy Matzen of the Metro Board (one of our key stakeholders).  Amy shared her knowledge of the trails, her desires for some changes along with some interesting history about her husband and the trail that is now named after him (see photo below).


NEW SIGN PLACEMENT. The team was able to apply stickers to the signs and Logan and Gavin were able to post all the trail signs in areas Amy was concerned about (est. 19 total sign placements).  They also (unprompted) knocked on Jack’s door (a resident we had some difficulty with last year) and told him they were in the area to place signage and groom trails. They asked for his input and let him know his feedback was important.  We believe that a disgruntled “stakeholder” has started to transform into a “raving fan”.







WEATHER-PROOFED STEPS. We applied sealant to the steps/ramp of the new office.





MOVED SUPPLIES. We cleaned out the area across from Breezeway under Devin's leadership.






We met at the ranch at 4:30am on Saturday morning...pretty big commitment for a bunch of teenagers! We carpooled up to the heart of downtown Denver and served breakfast at the Samaritan House. Samaritan House is a ministry operated by Catholic Charities. Since 1986, they have helped people secure sufficient food and clothing, the ability to earn a living wage and affordable housing. Our team helped set up and serve a hot breakfast to women in need through the Holy Rosary emergency overnight women's shelter as well as the extended stay shelter.

Some of us won't forget one of the women sharing with us that she grew up in St. Louis in a home with a family, went to school, to church...and she is where she is today because of the bad choices she made. She told us that she had a son our age living with her sister because she couldn't take care of him. Our biggest focus was to see people as real people. As a result, our hearts were touched, we had some great conversations, we gave service to people who needed it, we were received with gratitude and came back to our comfortable lives in Castle Rock just a bit changed.



Duty - we talked about the Cowboy Value of “duty” all week.  Logan provided a quote about how duty applies to good leadership each morning and we discussed it.  On Saturday, we will be living this value by going to the Samaritan House in Denver and serving breakfast to homeless women (meeting at 4:30am!)

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 10.55.21 AM.png

Stakeholders - we understand there are always people around us who are invested in what we do, they are called stakeholders.  We are learning to please and meet the needs of stakeholders in our new job, including the Penrods, board members, all employees on the ranch, customers on the ranch, the horses, etc.  Here are some things we have decided to do to build relationships with stakeholders:

  • We always wave to residents driving by us when we are on the gator
  • We stop and talk with residents on the trails
  • We ask for input, listen and take seriously what people like Amy would like to have happen on the horse trails
  • We are more conscious about the “eyes on the ranch” and trying to make sure we are always seen working

Logistics - we are starting to learn how important it is to plan logistics well, particularly in an environment like BMREC that is always changing.  We will be very inefficient in what we can get done unless we always focus on improving our logistical planning.

Everyone Has Value - On a team, each person contributes something unique that is different than anyone else. Whether it is Jane quietly gathering branches and placing them away from the trail when everyone else wanted to clip or Trevan willingly sharing his experience from last year's trail grooming experience with the team, we are seeing incredible value in each other. On Saturday, we looked into the eyes of homeless people that are no different than us. They want to be loved and to love others just like we do.

    Team Unity - we are learning to gel as a team.  We’ve divided and named our teams (Raptors: Gavin, Todd, Nate, Jane, Alli; and Yuccas: Logan, Zane, Sam, Devin and Trevan).  We have made fun of Nate A LOT this week and have developed a “late” rule: “If anyone is even one minute late to work or to a scheduled meeting, they will hold hands and sing the Barney Theme song.” 

    Jerry Van Leuven