Weekly Roundup Report 6/15


Monday, June 11

  • Clipped Old Gate Crossing trail
  • Threw out rocks from Breezeway turnouts
  • Finished removing hay from hay barn

Tuesday, June 12

  • Threw out rocks from Breezeway turnouts
  • Clipped Tomahawk Hill trail
  • Clipped Wild Horse Mesa trail
  • Clipped Glade Gulch trail

Wednesday, June 13

  • Completed mower training from Randy
  • Mowed all northern trails
  • Mowed Antelope Meadow trail
  • Clipped High Spring trail
  • Clipped Pawnee Ridge trail
  • Clipped Pine Hollow trail
  • Threw out rocks from North Point turnouts
  • Broke down boxes from the office
  • Cleaned out some of the shop

Thursday, June 14

  • Clipped Owl Hoot Ridge trail on Bell Mountain
  • Ate lunch on trail

Friday, June 15

  • Clipped Owl Hoot Ridge trail on Bell Mountain
  • Jerry brought pizza on the trail



LEADERSHIP ROLES.  Here are some other leadership roles that were assigned or assumed this week...

  • Zane - Daily Online Task Recorder
  • Jane - Director of Hard Working Standards
  • Nate - Trail Grooming Leader of the Raptor Team
  • Devin - Leader of this week with focus on Authenticity
  • Logan - Trail Grooming Leader of the Yucca Team
  • Alli - Director of Team Stability

SNAKE CATCHER TO THE RESCUE.  Trevan, self-appointed snake catcher, rescued a small snake (and everyone afraid of it) inside the indoor arena.  What caught my attention was Trevan saying, as he was trying to pick up the snake, "This scares me to death, look at my hands shaking."  Courage is a true value of leadership.  All of us have fears and Trevan chose to face one of his.

FINISHED UP CLEANING HAY BARN. Despite allergies experienced by a few of the youth staff, the loose hay was gathered up in the hay barn so another load could be delivered.





THROWING ROCKS OUT OF THE TURNOUTS. I might seem like a menial task to throw rocks out of the turnouts, but we learned that those rocks pose a risk of causing injury to the horses. Here's a photo of Devin and Trevan working on a giant rock that took a bit more effort (strategically sitting in the shade).


CLOSED TRAIL. Gavin used brute force (with a little help from his boss) to plant a sign in the ground on Glade Gulch indicating that Steven's Loop trail is closed.



TRAIL GROOMING ACCOMPLISHMENT. Gavin, Nate and Todd spent a LONG time removing this friend from the middle of one of the trails. Endurance and determination!


THREW BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR JOSE. The 7-man Owl Hoot Ridge trail grooming team came back to the wifi room, after a hard, hot day in the sun, and threw a surprise birthday party for Jose, our 2018 Junior Rancher. They even sang him their own rousing version of "Happy Birthday".



Authenticity - On our Monday roundup meeting, we revisited our Emergenetics profiles and discussed the gifts that each person brings this team. Throughout the week, we've talked about how important it is to be true to ourselves in order to be a solid leader of others. Devin has shared thoughts with us about authenticity and leadership. One of my favorite is, "The greatest commodity of a leaders is authenticity."

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 10.55.37 AM.png

Authenticity vs Respect - True authentic leadership also requires respect for others. Just because I naturally have a lot of energy to assert myself, doesn't mean that I am free to boss others around. Just because I have a lot of energy to think conceptually, doesn't mean that it's okay for me to go off and do my own thing.

    Respect for Girls and Women - While our two female teammates were on vacation, the guys took an opportunity to discuss our responsibility to treat girls and women with respect. We decided our standards should include small things like open doors for them and big things like treating them with equality and dignity in what we say and do.

    Respect through our language - We also discussed the importance of language in a team. Although language standards may be different at home, professionalism requires that we curb any tendency to swear, cuss or use crude language at work. If we aren't sure something is acceptable or not, we should ask our team's opinion. Each of us is also responsible to watch out for each other and to speak up if someone is communicating in an offensive manner.

    Jerry Van Leuven