Weekly Roundup Report 7/6


Monday, July 2

  • Paint the Plum Creek bridge

Tuesday, July 3

  • Paint the Plum Creek bridge
  • Final grooming of the trails

Wednesday, July 4

  • Holiday - No Work

Thursday, July 5

  • Paint the Plum Creek bridge

Friday, June 29

  • Paint the Plum Creek bridge
  • Groom Bell Mountain trail



PATRIOTIC LEADERSHIP.  On Monday, we talked about George Washington and his leadership in getting his discouraged, battle-worn troop to make a 9-hour crossing over the Delaware River on Christmas Day to win the critical Battle of Trenton that turned the tide and helped the US to win the war.  

George Washington said, "If I see any man turn his back today, I will shoot him through.  I have two pistols loaded.  But I will not ask any man to go further than I do.  I will fight as long as I have a leg or an arm."  We had a discussion about how leadership encompasses both empathy and accountability enforcement.  Washington was very direct in his expectation for his troop to fight...but he also showed compassionate leadership by not requiring anyone to do more than what he was willing to do himself.


Painting the Bridge.  Like Washington, we also crossed a flowing body of water with a team...several times!  In fact, we spent most of our time painting the Plum Creek bridge this week.  Although we thought it wouldn't take that long, it's taking more time than we thought!  (We still have some major spots to paint, but the area that is mainly visible to trail riders looks pretty good!)


Learning from Experts.  Although we often think we know how to do something, it's often a good idea to get advice from experts.  This week, we were taught by Randy Steenblik on the best way to paint and how to clean the paint brushes when we are through.  He also went over the new policies for driving and taking care of the gator.

Here's the Randy that taught us some cool stuff this week.

Here's the Randy that taught us some cool stuff this week.

Here's the Randy that suddenly appeared for this photo opp!

Here's the Randy that suddenly appeared for this photo opp!

Small Team.  With Zane, Logan, Gavin, Sam and Nate not working all or most of the week, we had a small crew.  It gave us an opportunity to work in a different team with different team dynamics.  Other than Devin's hair turning green and Trevan almost driving over a snake, all went fairly well this week!  The girls were voted hardest workers on Friday!




  • Taking Care of Our Tools.  We were taught by one of our biggest stakeholders (Randy Steenblik) the importance of taking care of our equipment and specifically, how to take care of the gator and painting supplies.  He also taught us how to paint more effectively without gumming up the paint brush.  Bottom line, we learned to slow down and be more mindful about the care we give to the tools and equipment we use every day to do our job.  We were taught by the master!
  • Real Hero Leaders.  We learned that we owe so much to our forebears, particularly those who gave their lives in exchange for our freedom.  There is a reason that cold, sick, discouraged men chose to follow one man on Christmas day across the icy Delaware River.  They trusted him.  How did he earn their trust?  He expected no more of them than he did of himself and also emphatically enforced their commitment to stay with the team.  George Washington was a true hero.
  • Taking Risk.  Finally, we ended our week by discussing the importance of taking a risk.  George Washington took huge risks in his strategy for the Battle of Yorktown that ended up winning the American Revolution and leading to the birth of this free nation.  Leaders must be willing to make confident, bold moves, even when others express doubt.  The ability to do this well, however, starts to form way before the moment to do so arrives.  That is why we will focus next week on the cowboy value of Courage and begin our week with the Courage Challenge!
Jerry Van Leuven