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The original Ranch Hand Leadership Academy began in the Summer of 2017.  In order to build and expand this program, impacting our youth for years to come, individual and company donations are needed and welcomed! All proceeds will be used for the development and implementation of the Ranch Hand Leadership Academy and a receipt will be provided for tax purposes.  This program falls under Youth Leadership Opportunities, Inc. (YOLO), a Colorado registered 513c non-profit organization. Please lend your support by contributing to the general fund covering supplies, activities and other expenses required to meet our program objectives.  We appreciate any financial support you can give and encourage donations at the following benefit levels.  Scroll down and click DONATE MONEY!


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When you sponsor one of our youth, your money will be spent on one of the particular youth we select for our program and that young man or young woman will know of your contribution. He or she will be coached on providing you with a re-cap letter each week of your sponsorship. The letter will include photos and a description of what happened in the program during that week and the impact it had on that youth. You will also be invited to our graduation breakfast at the end of the summer and be presented with a certificate of gratitude by that youth for your support of his or her growth during the program.

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There is no better investment than our youth and the rising generation. Many groups provide educational opportunities for young people, but there is a distinct lack of confidence-building, leadership training and skills development that engages them in a way that we do. We give them an opportunity to own responsibility, learn from consequences and feel the success and joy of real growth and productivity. Whether you are a business or individual, we need your help! Support these youth leadership opportunities and help us today to build our community and business leaders of tomorrow! 

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