HSP Family Approach

Here are some elements of our program that support family, involve parents and give you an opportunity to make choices and guide your child's learning experience.


Monthly Parent-Mentor Check-ins

Each month, your assigned HSP mentor will schedule a check-in with you to review your child's progress, share insights and allow you to ask questions and express concerns.  This critical routine meeting helps parents and mentors to discuss the direction of your child's Learning & Growth Plan and collaborate on any changes that are needed.  In addition to these monthly check-ins, we have a Parent-Mentor Collaboration Facebook page where questions, answers and ideas can be shared. Click HERE to go to this page.


Family Choice Pricing

We understand that every family has different learning and financial needs.  We want to give you options to choose something that works for your family.  Please contact us to discuss the following packages and how we can customize something that fits your particular situation:

FULL PROGRAM  9am-2:30pm daily and includes all electives offered

HALF PROGRAM   9am-11:30am or 12pm-2:30pm daily and includes one elective offered

HOURLY PROGRAM   flexible schedule with hourly rate, electives are additional


Family Growth Goal

As part of the Learning & Growth Plan, not only do we encourage a focus on individual growth goals but also on the growth goals you are working on together as a family.  Once these are identified in the LGP, it becomes a part of what your child discusses and experiences with his or her mentor each day.  If it's important to you, it is important to us!


Parent Volunteer Day

In HSP, parents are asked to volunteer some of their time periodically to lead group learning activities and participate as a mentor throughout the day.  This is another effort to strengthen the connection between parents, children and mentors. It is also a great opportunity for you to share some activities that have worked for your homeschool program with the rest of the group!


Learning Team Workshop

As part of our effort to support your family, we offer a special workshop in your home that helps you, your kids and your assigned mentor to better understand each other, appreciate each other's strengths and speak each other's unique language.  Before the workshop, each individual completes an online assessment that highlights his or her individual thinking and behavioral preferences.  The experiential two hours helps each member of your Learning Team (child, parents, mentor) build a stronger team connection.  A side benefit is the increased empathy you and your child will have for each other’s different way of doing things and a greater ability to bridge any existing gaps that might be working against family togetherness.

Click HERE if you would like to learn more about the facilitator of this workshop. Click HERE if you would like to learn more about the online assessment.