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Homeschool Support Program

Castle Rock, Colorado

The Homeschool Support Program (HSP) partners with parents to help your children reimagine themselves!  We believe that kids and parents already know what you need, we are here to just be a part of your team!  The parents provide overall direction.  The child brings unique learning preferences and a willing effort.  HSP contributes strategic guidance, a trusted mentor relationship, a value-based culture, positive group experiences, opportunities to test new ways of learning and a strong, accountable focus on each student's learning and growth objectives.  Apply for entrance into the program below. We will contact you to set up a family interview!



Each child is assigned to one mentor who builds a relationship with both the child and the parents.  The mentor's key responsibilities are to nurture trust and positive interaction with the child, facilitate the Learning and Growth Plan and connect frequently with the parents to assess learner progress and collaborate on needed program changes.



Our roadmap of success is the Learning and Growth Plan (LGP).  It is a dynamic document that is jointly created by the parents, the child and the mentor.  Not only does it include information about the child's learning preferences, it identifies the target goals and customized learning methods for each child's academic subjects and personal growth goals.



HSP wants to become an extension of your home, where learning expectations and family values are the same.  That is why we listen to your needs, offer support to your family and require your involvement in what we do.  Like you, we know how critical it is for your child to have a solid team that guides, cares and responds consistently to his or her needs.


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