HSP Learning & Growth Plan Benefits



The first step in designing the HSP Learning & Growth Plan (LGP) is to get the learning team together!  Everyone needs to be heard and everyone needs to own the plan.  This typically takes place with the mentor in the home of the child and parents.  If there is more than one child in the home that will be supported by HSP, we will have more than one Learning Team meeting to make sure each child’s plan is individually .



Each child comes with a unique set of preferences, abilities, challenges and experiences.  We believe the approach we use to mentor each one must be as unique as that individual!  Aside from the learning method customization, we also offer Elective Courses to enrich the HSP experience; courses like Leadership, Computer, Virtual Reality, Music, Spanish, Cooking, Agriculture, Graphic Design, and Shop/Repair.


Goal Based

Without a goal, we can't measure our progress!  The LGP creates a foundational direction by helping the Learning Team to set goals for each academic subject (math, language arts, science, etc.) as well as for individual growth goals (assertiveness, overcoming a fear of public speaking, handling conflict, etc.) and family growth goals (showing respect for others, daily family affirmations, etc.).  

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Once the LGP is created, it becomes a flexible game plan that changes according to the needs of the child and family.  It is meant to serve as a dynamic tool that provides direction, measures progress and allows the learning team to adjust goals and learning methods to improve current and end results. It serves as the foundation for our monthly Parent-Mentor Check-ins to evaluate learning and growth progress and modify where necessary. Click HERE if you would like to learn more about these check-ins.