Tune-In is a creative expression movement. Tune into yourself, and express yourself to what you best tune into. While services help youth, it has been learned that youth express themselves in the most profound ways through their own skills and talents that they are naturally gifted with.

Tune-In's goal is to help youth build their skills in their chosen form of self expression. For some, speaking about experiences is difficult. Finding the words to express what is taking place internally can be hard, but when offered a creative outlet, youth are able to represent their experiences and share their story in their own unique and meaningful way.

As a nonprofit Tune-In strives to give back to youth by helping them find resources to better craft their skill; connecting them to art lessons, instruments, and dance classes they otherwise might not be connected to. Tune-In works towards providing youth opportunities to share what they create to their community, and help them market their talents.


"If there were awards for completing behavioral health and probation services I would win. I’ve been in so many of them, I tell the people providing the service all the time that at 15 years old I’ve received more services than they’ve provided. All jokes aside, some of the services have helped me with my skills and the way I think. I’m grateful. People might get mad at me for saying this but the best service I’ve ever received wasn’t really a real service, it was an IPad my case manager was able to get me so I could play and connect with my music.

See, music is my therapy. It helps me stay calm. It works better than any breathing technique I’ve learned. Music also allows me to think and feel better about myself. Usually people listen to me just long enough to remind me of the rules or what I should or shouldn’t do, but through my music and lyrics, people can’t interrupt. They hear who I am; not just what I’ve done. Life certainly isn’t easy; I have some good days mixed with some bad ones. Through it all I’m blessed to have music as a friend that never lets me down. Music is always with me, and allows me to smile at yesterday, focus on today and dream about tomorrow."

"Five years ago I was known for my diagnosis, my past and the daily drama I was a part of. I felt trapped and confused in my own skin, too scared to make sense of my past and too hopeless to think about the future. I had a lot of people with badges telling me what to do but not to many of them listening to my emptiness. As time passed, I found myself lonely with just pain as my company. I was told one day that I was going to see another therapist. As I went, I was nervous and upset because I didn’t want to answer more questions from another therapist, who would then tell me all of what I needed to do to 'get better.' Though I didn’t want to go, I’m glad I did because this therapist didn’t ask me hardly any questions, instead he gave me a journal and a fancy pen and just gently encouraged me to write. Though it took me a while, writing became my


outlet. Putting words to my thoughts and emotions and making poems of the beautiful mess I call life became inspiring. Overtime poetry has helped me feel again, explore my fears and allow people to listen to me. Some might say I’m still a diagnosis, I would say read my poetry."