Tune-In promotes opportunities through self-expression methods for youth who have experienced struggles conveying their story and self-identity. Far too often youth are labeled or defined because of their experiences and only offered traditional, mechanical, and adult driven modalities to make sense of the challenging moments they’ve endured. We’ve found that through art, poetry, music, dance and sport youth are able find their voices to redefine the labels and judgment others may use to limit them.

Tune-In offers a supportive and non-judgmental platform for youth to create meaning from their life stories. The project is 100% youth driven; from the concepts for self-expression to the development, marketing and selling of the products they create. 

This innovative platform provides an outlet to create positive identities by exploring interests and building on existing talents. Tune-In offers meaningful experience that is beneficial for job skills development. As youth build confidence through their creative skills, they have the opportunity to build upon social skills.  Tune-In strives to create confidence and hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

For additional program information please contact: tunein@cfssinc.com